Our Covers

Our covers are handmade in Portland, Oregon. We use only the highest quality full-grain cowhides. These hides are tanned with natural bark tannins and contain no harmful chromium. The leather is undyed and will age gracefully, and develop character with use.

The leather covers feature a card pocket in addition to retaining access to the built-in Moleskine® card pocket.

The elastic strap of the Moleskine® notebook slips through the inside flap of the cover allowing the notebook to be closed securely.

We developed a 2-piece design which eliminates the typical cover-bump associated with slip-on covers.

When you first receive your engraved leather cover, the color will be similar to all the examples on our site. After a couple weeks of typical use, you can expect your cover to darken to a beautiful honey hue. Best of all, once your Moleskine® notebook is full, you simply replace the refill and continue to enjoy the aging leather.