The Best Custom Engraved Leather Goods of 2015

The Best Custom Engraved Leather Goods of 2015

March 28, 2016

Engrave Goods Custom Engraved Leather Goods Best of 2015

It’s been a busy start to this year, so we know it’s a little (OK, a lot) late but we wanted to show off some of our favorite customer created designs that we engraved on our leather goods last year. There were so many great designs that it’s hard to create a short list, but here are a few of our favorites from 2015.



Engrave Goods Custom Engraved Leather Travel Wallet for O.M.F.G.C.O.

OMFGCO. Travel Wallet.

The creative crew at OMFGCO designed a graphic specifically for their custom engraved Travel Wallets. The full coverage typographic design is both elegant and fun. It’s sure to turn some heads in the airport and abroad.


Engrave Goods Custom Laser Engraved Classic Leather Notebook for Schluter Ltd.

Schluter Ltd. Large Classic Leather Notebook and Minimalist Wallet.

We’ve been lucky to work with Schluter Ltd. for the past few years making engraved leather notebooks for their client gifts. This year they decided to expand outside the notebooks and give away minimalist wallets as well. We helped adapt their beautiful notebook design to work on the smaller format wallet and we personally think they both look great and make a nice set.


Engrave Goods Custom Laser Engraved Leather Slim Notebook for Modern Craft

Modern Craft. Slim Notebook.

Modern Craft has a great logo design and they let it shine by choosing a creative placement that expands the logo over the cover. Combined with the choice of our more modern styled notebook, it makes a bold statement that fits their brand well.   


Engrave Goods Custom Laser Engraved Classic Leather Notebook for Bonfire Marketing

Bonfire Marketing. Pocket Classic Leather Notebook.

Fellow Portland company Bonfire Marketing created an awesome illustration to engrave on these pocket size Classic Leather Notebooks. The illustration was designed to cover the full front cover while their logo is featured on the back. I’m sure we’re a bit partial since it depicts our home city, but we think the design makes good use of the full cover while telling a compelling story about the brand.

Engrave Goods Custom Laser Engraved Leather Card Wallet for RSLI

RLSI. Card Wallet.

Reliance Standard shows us that sometimes simple is best. Featuring a nice logo with an upturned and right aligned placement that utilizes the space of the card wallet well, allowing for a large logo and creating visual interest without the need of additional elements. Their graphics for these Card Wallets were sharp, professional and bold.

Engrave Goods Custom Laser Engraved Classic Leather Notebook for the Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers. Large Classic Leather Notebook.

The Portland Trail Blazers designed this full wrap notebook cover graphic for a charity fundraising event. The notebooks were a hit and it’s easy to see why. The design is creative and filled with fine detail, taking full advantage of the precision of laser engraving. Go Blazers!


The competition for best engraved goods of 2016 is on. Let us help you create some great promotional products. Whether you have just a logo or an in-house designer ready to create custom artwork, we’re here to make sure your graphics look great and reflect the quality of your brand. See more examples of our past work at, contact us now at or browse our product collection at to get started!